(2021) “MUCHO DITTO” is the first album by Loch Mhor. The name reflects the current situation in the world, where every day is the same old- same old. The songs were written over the last several years and range in style, vibes, stories, people & places. “I’m actually proud of every song. They time travel me to another world or mood or moment.” The 9 songs are an eclectic mix of shameless pop written on guitar, bass or occasionally piano. They were recorded during the fall of 2020 and lovingly finalized at Hinnendael Studios in Green Bay, WI. Each one is delicately hand-crafted and curated for your listening pleasure.

All Songs written by David Richards.

Musicians: Jim Greene, Jeff Hinnendael, Maria Hinnendael and David Richards.

Photography: Bondi Hunter/Mark Hunter

Production: Hinnendael Studios

Love 2 Pull

Guised beneath a happy upbeat 80’s vibe, “Love 2 Pull” is really a reflective monologue for self-saboteurs everywhere. Written in March 2020, the song came together pretty quickly. I really like the bass lines on this track- really fun to play. Thanks to Jim Greene for the atmospheric swells.

Island Chamber

“Island Chamber” started out as an acoustic/ukulele, Spanish sounding thing around 2014. Thankfully that died a slow death and morphed into some transcendental bass and drum groove. The song is based on escaping the mundane weekly grind with chilled afternoons and beers at Chambers Island, WI.

Day To Remember

“Day to Remember” is simply about being hung over. Sad but true! You know those ones where your brain rattles inside your skull and you’re just willing the day to be over so you can crawl back to bed. Written in alt. tuning, I love listening to the bridge with the chiming guitar harmonies- just not while being hungover though.

Pull My Finger

Don’t know how this ended up with a disco beat, but it seems to work. Written in Watford, England many moons ago, then reworked in 2020, With a name like “Pull My Finger” the song can only immature with age. The minor chords and guitar riff work well. The idea for the song is based on moving forward from a fictitiously bad break up. Clichéd I know.


“Father” was actually written while my dad was still alive. He was raised in a Scottish, Victorian-era household, so displays of affection were few and far between. So this is my musical shout out to the old man, wherever he may be. Watching the rugby with a whiskey I would assume.

Murder on Pitfour St.

“Murder” was written on Pitfour Street in Dundee, Scotland. I remember walking up the Law to the observatory one dark winter’s night. The moonlight through the trees cast a sinister shadow on the landscape so the minor chords, horns, and piano set the tone perfectly.


“Again” was written for my wife, Stacy. It’s about the butterflies and simple adventures you take when you first meet. It’s also about never stopping taking adventures as you get older. We met on roadtrip to Kansa City over Memorial Day “a weekend with a perk” –who knew the perk was still being together all these years later.

Next Exit

Feeding the wanderlust is an incurable affliction. “Next Exit” is a diary of my travels through Australia and the States. I thought it would be fun if the “Gas, food, lodging” signs at highway exits were a little more descriptive of upcoming life events. It’s a road trip song for when you discover the grass isn’t really much greener at all.

High Tide

“High Tide” was written in Summer 2019 and was inspired by the Fox River flooding its banks at the back of my house. Growing up on the River Clyde in Glasgow, how cool would it be to lay down like an Egyptian Mummy and be carried away by the high tide on an adventure, floating back across the pond?