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Tongs Ya Bass (2022)

Mucho Ditto (2021)

Listen To Tongs Ya BassMucho DittoLoch Mhor

Loch Mhor is a band/musical project by songwriter, David Richards.

Originally from Glasgow, Scotland- he has played with several bands in Minneapolis and Wisconsin. Loch Mhor (Scottish for Great Lake) is based around a shoebox of gibberish muses and happy, melodic hooks with a few dark corners. This collection of songs evolved into two albums “MUCHO DITTO” (2021) and ‘TONGS YA BASS” (2022) and were met with critical self-acclaim. Richards wrote and arranged the songs and played most instruments himself– then would bring in way more talented guest musicians to do the tricky dicky parts. Hope you like the music. It was a fun process, watching them twist and turn during production. Anyway, thanks for listening, seriously.

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Things you never knew or cared about until now.

Born: Glasgow, Scotland.

Lives: Wisconsin. Married with 1 wife, 2 kids, 1 dog and 6 guitars.

Associated Acts: Velvet Kilt, Town Criers, Gil Sans.

Plays: Guitars, bass, two-fingered piano.

Influences: Left blank for legal reasons.

Favorite Album: Roxy Music- Avalon.

Favorite Movie: Jacob’s ladder, JoJo Rabbit, Goodfellas-of course.

Favorite line from song: “Jesus and his lawyer are coming back” The Eels.

Favorite place traveled: Australia/New Zealand.

Accolades: Cub of the Year 1975.

Citizenship: UK.

Accent: Lost.


Thanks for listening. If you like the songs well that’s just dandy.

If you don’t, well that’s ok too!