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Loch Mhor (Scottish for Great Lake) is a band/musical project by songwriter, David Richards. Originally from Glasgow, Scotland- he has played in his bedroom and with several bands in Minneapolis and Wisconsin. Loch Mhor is based around a shoebox of gibberish muses and happy, melodic hooks with a few dark corners. This collection of songs evolved into  two albums  “MUCHO DITTO” (2021) and ‘TONGS YA BASS” (2022) and were met with critical self acclaim. Richards played most instruments himself then would bring in guest musicians to do the hard parts.

"Mucho Ditto" Now available!

“MUCHO DITTO” is the first album by Loch Mhor. The name reflects the current situation in the world, where every day is the same old- same old. The songs were written over the last several years and range in style, vibes, stories, people & places. “I’m actually proud of every song. They time travel me to another world or mood or moment.” The 9 songs are an eclectic mix of shameless pop written on guitar, bass or occasionally piano. They were recorded during the fall of 2020 and lovingly finalized at Hinnendael Studios in Green Bay, WI.  Each one is delicately hand-crafted and curated for your listening pleasure. If you like the songs or find yourself whistling one at an inappropriate time let me know. Or better yet, tell all your virtual friends with thumbs and smiley faces. Thanks for listening!

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Thanks to my family for putting up with me walking around the house in a head-phoned, zombie trance for a couple of months. Thanks to Hinnendael Studios for Jeff’s mixing/ recording, guitar shimmers, ivory enchantments and Maria’s pixie dust harmonies. Also, thanks to Bondi Hunter for his awesome “swim cap” cover photography. Finally, mucho danke to the songwriters and musicians who inhabited my milk-crate of vinyl growing up- you know who you are.  Hope you enjoy the music! I wrote them for my own amusement, but if you like them too, well that’s just dandy.