(2022) Tongs Ya Bass was written in 2021/2022 and gets its name from an old Glaswegian gang war cry, which seemed to reflect the mood of the last year. The songs are heavier, darker and I love each one as they capture the essence and sentiments of the moment. I opened the door to more guest musicians this time and I enjoyed the collaboration way more than me sitting in the candle-lit attic, all by myself.

All Songs written by David Richards.

Musicians: Chris Dame, Jim Greene, Anna George, Matt George, Jeff Hinnendael and David Richards.

Photography/Design: BRING Studios

Production: Hinnendael Studios

In My Mind

This song is way old. Based on a bass line I came up with when I inherited a Burns Baby Bison many years ago. Lots of music comes to you in the rhythm of walking and this came as I cut through Victoria Park to go to the library to kill an unemployed afternoon. They had old vinyl there, so I’d probably spend the afternoon listening to some Beatles vinyl with headphones on- full blast.

WarCry Baby

The title came from the big question of 2020- are you a war baby or a crybaby? True victims or whining villains? After all the hate and division that was forced upon us, can we not just show good old compassion. I wanted a song that was the voice of reason. It’s a bit long, but I mean, there’s a lot to discuss. Thanks to Jim Greene for the riffs and rippin’ solo.

Stretch The Chord

After writing a song for my dad, I had to write one for my dear mum. And because she’s awesome, of course. The idea was based on life’s journey and how no matter where you live there’s an invisible, but wonderful, umbilical cord that stretches long but always pulls you back to your family. Strings and reverse guitars give an ethereal feel that carries through the whole song. Another killer Chris Dame solo here.

Never After All

The song is about keeping going after a really bad day and crawling out of dark spaces. You know, about loving life so much that you “might just come back tomorrow.” Remember it’s never as bad as you think, or never as good either. One of my favorites songs on the album. Thanks to Chris Dame for the many awesome guitar parts that take the song to a new high.

God Bless America

“God Bless” is an old blues progression song from my Minneapolis days. I hip-hopped it up and added a soaring chorus with rhyming guitars. Special props to Anna George for the opera chops. Essentially, it’s a cynical list of stereotypical American icons (from Vegas glitz to TV preachers) seen through a young, bewildered, immigrant’s eyes.


After starting out as a latin salsa swing thing, the idea took off when I imagined a Brazilian parade with full head dresses, flames and stilts etc. This is version 5.0 which survived serious studio surgery. The creative process of pushing along song ideas leads to two outcomes, sudden death and renewed energy. Luckily the latter won here.

If We Did Then We Did It

As a parent, having kids is amazing and exhausting, and then… they leave. It’s one of the proudest and saddest days you’ll experience because the little family 4 pack is gone forever. The idea for this song is essentially, if we steered them right as adults and good human beings then we did our most important and thankless job. Thanks to Matt George’s solo for upping the musicality level.


Bringing home all the tracks, I wanted an instrument piece to rise to the surface. Hence, Flotsam- shipwrecked treasures that float on the ocean for all to enjoy.